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Google wishes SMS happy birthday and farewell, further backing RCS through Google Messages

It's nearly 30 years since SMS was first introduced -- Am I that old? -- and Google has again upped the ante on messaging standards. In a blog post a short time ago, several key reasons...

The latest Android Updates feel like Christmas

Regarding feature updates, Google does an excellent job at staging rollouts to ensure continued fresh feelings for your devices. This time around, several new features cover content consumption, mobility and accessibility. Having a child with disabilities, I'm...

Ausdroid Reviews: Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K – Turn your dumb TV into a smarter TV

Amazon recently announced a new slate of Alexa-enabled devices alongside a new fireTV streaming device that combines it with an Alexa speaker to make the device, even more, user friendly and smarter. As someone who has quite...

Just in time for Christmas, Boost gives you the chance to fill your wallet through device trade in

Do you have an old mobile laying around your house that you haven't yet taken to e-waste or given away? The fact is you're not alone there, in fact, you're part of the 78% majority of...

OnePlus software update promise leaps to the front of the pack

There are significant differences in the Android mobile space around what updates are available. It differs betwen manufacturers and device ranges greatly. A short time ago, OnePlus has taken a leap forward in the pack with...

Extended outage: Evie Networks app and RFID systems down for hours, electric car charging impacted

Customers of one of Australia's largest electric car charging companies Evie Networks are currently suffering a multi-hour outage where they cannot use the app or associated RFID cards. The reference to Braintree in the error message suggests...

Polestar showcases roadster concept car and sustainability goals

Ausdroid attended a Sydney event yesterday where electric car company Polestar showcased their roadster concept car and sustainability goals. The slick concept car will be the inspiration upon which the future 2026 model Polestar 6 will be...

Telstra protects customers from 332 million spam and scam emails every month

We all get a lot of spam calls, texts and emails so it's easy to overlook the work happening to protect us. Telstra has this morning released figures showing that they're blocking over 7,600 emails every...

Boost Mobile quietly extend 5G trials into 2023

For those who are on Boost and enjoying the free trial access to 5G, there's good news. Without fanfare, the company has extended the trial -- originally end dated November this year -- until 30th January...

TCL NXTPAPER 10s review — Budget based excellence

Android tablets are very hit and miss, you can get total brilliance that will suit you for years or something you want to throw in the bin within a week. Clearly, the likes of Samsung still...

MG ZS EV 2022 vs BYD Atto 3: biggest strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s cheapest electric cars

The MG ZS EV 2022 and BYD Atto 3 are currently Australia's most affordable electric cars being similarly priced in the mid to high 40K's driveaway. However, they have some very different strengths and weaknesses that I'm...

Google’s Black Friday specials are worth a look

There are still a lot of bargains to be had around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. If you're looking to upgrade, update or outright increase your Google devices then head over to the Google...

You could save up to $240 simply by switching to Aussie Broadband during Black Friday sales

Broadband internet with accompanying quality Wi-Fi really is a part of our hierarchy of needs these days. So it's a constant cost that we all accept, but with a market this competitive, loyalty doesn't necessarily pay....

TCL is offering some great discounts for Black Friday

Let's be honest; it's always a nice feeling to have a shiny new phone in your pocket. But it isn't always practical for several reasons, particularly the cost. TCL has been working hard to break that...

A Very Techie Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Every Breed of Geek

The geeks amongst your friends and family are truly the ones to have gifted you. They have gifted you with one of the smoothest and least frustrating gift-giving experiences you will ever endure. Geeks at their...

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