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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 — Australian Review

Foldable phones have been around for a few years now. Despite a rocky beginning, hardware issues and teething issues with OS support, it’s fair to say that foldables are maturing at a rapid rate. Samsung has been...

Google Messages may roll out “nudges” to remind you to respond to Mum

The team at XDA Developers have completed another APK teardown of Google Messages Beta finding some interesting code. That code points to a potential introduction of a nudges feature similar to Gmail. Looking at...

Nothing delivers a dark mode on the ear(1) while announcing carbon neutrality

We've previously seen plenty of information about the ear(1) from Nothing. After successfully launching -- the device sold out -- their first deivce, the ear(1) we're now getting a glimpse of a new matte black...

Twitter policy update prevents posting media of others without consent

In what appears to be a pretty smart move, Twitter has updated its privacy policy to include media of others. The policy update specifically notes "private media" to be of interest. The new addition to the...

Want to get into sports without moving your ass? Kayo Sports has a discount offer for you

If you're into watching your flavour of sportsball on TV, or even sports that don't involve a ball, Kayo Sports is bound to have something for you. While it might not have the A League Mens...

Sony WH-XB910N Headphones review — Big on comfort and sound at a very reasonable price

In times gone by, the Sony name was one that created a stir among those who enjoyed quality sound but perhaps made wallets scream for mercy. We’ve seen though, that Sony doesn’t make your wallet scream...

Ausdroid Reviews: Nokia G50 5G – A chunky monkey with 5G

Nokia, a name most people would remember from the old Nokia heyday when it comes to phones and certainly one I hold dear to my heart having owned a number of earlier Nokia phones - heck...

TCL Ray-Danz Dolby Atmos Soundbar — Australian Review

I've never really thought of myself as someone that would bother with a soundbar .. or really anything fancy in our media unit. We don't watch an awful lot of television (much less movies) and so...

Australian Review: eero Pro 6 is a set and forget Wi-Fi mesh internet system

Amazon's Wi-Fi division eero has been selling their new top model eero Pro 6 in Australia for a few weeks now and I've been testing it out in my house in real life as our Wi-Fi...

More Black Friday deals: Smart Home, Electronics, Audio, Wearables and more

This time of year with Thanksgiving in the USA, we get a lot of Black Friday bargains made available to us. We've already looked at some carrier options, Amazon and Ring, Google's goodies and a handful...

Is the Disney+ 33% price rise worth it for you?

When Disney+ Launched two years ago it was almost a no brainer, at $89.99 a year for all of the legacy Disney, Star Wars and Marvel content you could watch it was an easy sell. Add...

Star Trek Discovery S4 fast tracked to Australia Nov 26th, ViacomCBS backs down on 2022 delayed broadcast

In great news for Star Trek fans, Star Trek Discovery season 4 has been fast tracked to Australia with the first 2 episodes available on Nov 26th to local Paramount+ subscribers. ViacomCBS the owner of Star Trek...

Vodafone customers can save big on handsets and home internet

Following a couple of big announcements in connectivity, Vodafone has dropped some big Black Friday deals. Home Internet at half price No, that's not a typo: They are offering a 50% discount for the first 12 months of...

Deal: 30 days Free Paramount+ streaming thanks to the band Oasis

A few months ago Paramount+ launched it's Australian streaming service with a claim of entertainment for audiences of all ages at a price of $8.99/month or $89.99/year annually upfront. Usually Paramount+ only has a 7 day free...

Six Reasons Why Desklab Is the Best Portable Monitor

If you search for the top portable monitors online, you’ll be amazed by the price of the top-tier solutions. In truth, there are plenty of affordable gadgets with high-end specs that perform just as well. Sure,...

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